Friendship, Recreation, and a Sense of Community


Clean air, perfect weather, lots to do, and “interesting” people to meet. A break from the noise of the city, this peer-led community travels to the San Bernardino Forest in California for a weekend excursion in nature.


Camp is intended as both an escape from the challenges of living with a psychiatric disability and an opportunity to bond with people who are strangers yet know intimately what everyone else is going through.


This is a place where a person can let down their guard and just be themselves; for some it will be the light at the end of a dark, scary road. At the Mountain Respite Camp, participants can hike, swim, craft, walk tightropes, and build campfires – all in a communal atmosphere, surrounded by the peace of nature and grace of friends.

Being given this chance to decompress and take a “vacation from mental illness” aids in the wellbeing of anyone with psychiatric challenges.

August 15 - 18

Price includes transportation, food, and accommodation

This camp is available to providers, consumers, family members, and all friends of the mental health community. 


Discounted Mental Health Consumer: $165

Agency Sponsored Rate & All Others: $350

All others include but is not limited to staff, family, supporters, friends

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