Board of Directors

Community Camp Corporation is led by a Board of Directors that provides the vision for the camp experience. Meet us below!


Shannon Peterson

Shannon founded the annual Mountain Respite Camp in 2005 as a weekend outing for 35 residents of HOMES, Inc. supportive housing for adults recovering from mental illness. For ten years the camp expanded to three, four, and then five days, and grew in attendance to a peak of 114 adults with mental illness. She served as director of the Camp until 2014, and is currently the chairman of the Community Camp Corporation's Board of Directors. She first experienced YMCA Camp Arbolado as a camper in 1972, progressing through training stages to become a counselor in 1977. Shannon believes that Camp creates strong bonds of community, provides opportunities to learn and master new skills, and promotes the growth of leaders.

Shannon completed her BS in Human Services and MS in Counseling at California State University-Fullerton. She is employed as the Clinical Supervisor for NAMI Orange County's LA WarmLine, and in her free time enjoys line dancing, square dancing, and traveling with her daughter.

Andrew Fahmy

Andrew serves as the Executive Director of Community Camp Corporation. He has been volunteering at recreational camps since he was first introduced to YMCA Camp Arbolado in 2008. Since then, he has directed the teen Counselors-in-Training program and served as Lead Director for spring and summer camp sessions. He also co-designed and executed Arbolado’s first Teen Leadership Academy. Last year, Andrew helped register Community Camp Corporation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit hoping to further solidify the organization's future. He believes that camp changes lives, none more deserving than the populations that Community Camp Corporation serves.

Andrew graduated with a BA in Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton and continues his work for camp and child recreation services. He is employed as the Operations Manager at The Olin Group and in his spare time, he enjoys exploring new hobbies. 

John DeLoof

John has been an outdoors person his entire life. He grew up in a small Michigan town and participated in it’s very active Boy Scout Troop’s camping activities. Also in his youth he participated in formal church, and scout camps. For three summers he was a counselor at Hilltop Camp in Norther Michigan. His firs job after college was as a Field Engineer for Hughes Aircraft Co. in Alaska where he was able to sample some the the great Alaskan wilderness experiences. Later after settling in Fullerton with wife and two boys the family became avid campers for decades. Being with and a part of nature has given John balance to a busy home and professional life.

John and his late wife, Janice, have been active in NAMI Orange County since the mid-90’s diagnosis of both sons with a mental illness. He has been on the Board of NAMI since 2011. For NAMI he assisted the Mountain Respite Committee as fiscal receiver for the 2016 Camp.

He graduated form the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Engineering. Later in his career he received a MBA from UCLA. He was employed by the Hughes Aircraft Co. for his 35-year work career, retiring in 1996 as Vice-President of Program Management at Hughes-Avicom, International. Since retiring he has volunteered with a number for non-profit charities, including NAMI, his church, and now the Community Camp, Inc. Board.

Anna-Marie Wood

Anna has served on the Community Camp Corporation's Board of Directors since its founding in January 2017. Her love for camp started at eight years old when she attended her first session at YMCA Camp Arbolado. Since 2009, she has volunteered as a camp counselor, worked as Summer Residential Program Staff, served on directing staff, and helped fundraise for the annual YMCA campaigns. Her favorite aspect of camp is bringing strangers together, in the middle of the wilderness, to create a tight-knit and nurturing community.

In addition to her involvement with camp, she also is the Assistant Director of Admission at Scripps College, a private women’s college in Claremont, California where she completed her undergraduate education. In her spare time, when she’s not working or volunteering with camp, she enjoys going to the movies, finding new restaurants, and working on her lapidary skills.

Madeline Leon

When I first attended Camp Arbolado in 2008, I witnessed the beauty of bringing people together and experienced the healing effect of breaking out of social barriers in a safe environment. The leaders were encouraging yet gentle, and creative and lots of fun. It was a camp experience I wanted more of because it was a place where we could break out of our shells.

Since then, I've attended several camps but in 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to help plan camp. In 2017, I became a Mountain Respite Camp board member after graduating from Telecare Services. It's a privilege to be working alongside leaders I highly respect and honor. A dream of mine finally realized!

Raul Fernandez

Raul was introduced to camp in 2010 as an employee of HOMES, Inc. He immediately fell in love with camp calling it “magical”. His compassion for people living with a disability has given him the spirit to work with vulnerable populations. Raul is honored to serve as a member of the Community Camp Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Additionally, Raul is the Supportive Housing Operations Manager at Jamboree Housing Corporation. Jamboree delivers permanent supportive housing to over 400 special needs residents throughout the state of California. Raul enjoys all aspects of the outdoors and dreams to be on a wilderness survival show.

Robert Crowder

Robert Crowder has been volunteering or employed in multiple capacities with YMCA Camp Arbolado since the winter of 2000. He was introduced to HOMES camp in 2005 by Shannon Peterson and has been active through all incarnations of this program. He is proud to now serve on the board of directors of Community Camp Corporation. In addition to volunteering at the YMCA he has also volunteered for multiple organizations including serving on boards for nonprofit youth sports organizations, nonprofit youth theatre organizations, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Professionally Robert owns and manages his own computer consulting company and also is a proficient sports official in soccer, water polo, and lacrosse. Personally he loves the outdoors and staying physically fit. His greatest strength is sarcasm and his waistline’s greatest weakness are buffalo wings served with copious amounts of ranch dressing.

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