(RES-pit): an interval of relief from discomfort; a cessation for a time of anything distressing or trying; a period of rest and freedom from harm.

We just finished up our 2017 session (Aug. 24-27). We will have our 2018 camp date set in soon. Sign up for our mailing list to get updates. 

YMCA Camp Arbolado is located at 6,600 feet elevation in the San Bernardino National Forest above Redlands near Angelus Oaks, across Highway 38 from Barton Flats Ranger Station.

$170 per person before August 1st; $185 after that date. This amount includes transportation, 9 meals, lodging for 3 nights, and all program supplies, activities and staffing. Ask your mental health agency whether full or partial scholarships can be provided.

You can register by completing and mailing the registration form in addition to your check or money order payable to Community Camp Corporation. You can also register online at communitycamp.org. You are not registered for the camp until full payment is received.

We will provide bus transportation to and from camp; the pick-up location is 1310 W. Diamond St., Anaheim 92804 by 9 AM on August 24, and we’ll return to that location around 5 pm on August 27. You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the bus pick up/drop off location. It takes about 1½ hours to get to Camp from Orange County. If you prefer to drive up to Camp in your own vehicle, indicate this on your registration form and we’ll send you a map and directions. Transportation is only provided to Camp on Thursday, and back from Camp on Sunday; if you find you need to leave Camp early for any reason, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up from Camp and take you home.

The cabins sleep 10 to 12 people; bunk beds with mattresses are provided, and you’ll need to bring your own bedding. The cabins have heaters, and bathrooms with flush toilets and hot water showers are located near the cabins. We’ll do our best to group people together in cabins according to preferences, but you can look forward to sharing your cabin with some brand new friends too.

It will be a little cooler at camp than at home; the weather should be beautiful in August. (Usually about 75 degrees during the day, and around 60 at night.) You’ll need to bring:
· A sleeping bag (or sheets & a warm blanket) and a pillow
· Clothing for four days, including closed shoes and a jacket or coat
· Bathing suit or swim trunks
· Pajamas, sweats, or a nightgown to sleep in (and to wear to breakfast Sunday morning!)
· Your own towel(s)
· Enough medication to last from Thursday through Sunday afternoon
· Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush or comb, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and whatever else you’ll need for personal grooming (Ladies, a change in altitude can start your period unexpectedly, so bring feminine supplies even if you’re not due.)
· A flashlight is recommended
· You’re encouraged to bring sunscreen and lip balm (it’s dry in the mountains)
· Consider bringing earplugs, as some people snore
· If you play a portable musical instrument, please bring it!

Volunteers who have extensive experience at the Mountain Respite Camp or YMCA camps will be organizing the camp, along with former campers and other interested parties. Everyone at camp participates in hosting activities or otherwise contributing to camp!

You can do as much or as little as you like; it’s YOUR respite! Activities include: ropes/climbing course, swimming, arts & crafts, mountain bikes, nature walks, canoes, a dance, volleyball, archery, yoga, soccer, art lessons, line dancing lessons, morning chapel, and nighttime campfire. We like everyone to participate in campfire, so think of a skit or song you or your cabin group can share with others. (We can give you ideas if you need help.)

Meals are served family-style in the mess hall at 9am, 12pm, and 5pm; one of the days, we’ll be having a sack lunch at the lake! We’ll also serve snacks in the lodge each evening; you may bring your own snacks, but refrigeration and cooking facilities will not be available for campers. Any food should be stored in a sealed and critter-proof container (like Tupperware), not in cardboard or plastic that can be chewed through.

Camp Arbolado is on National Forest land and does not allow pets, alcohol, fireworks, or weapons of any kind. Smoking is allowed only in one designated location. Because of the altitude, you may notice some shortness of breath, which is normal and should decrease as time goes by. You’ll feel better if you drink PLENTY of water and limit caffeine.

Camp Arbolado is located in a wilderness area, and you’ll see lots of squirrels, an occasional raccoon, and every so often a coyote or bear in camp! Wild animals generally avoid people, and you’ll be fine if you leave them alone and make sure trash is thrown into trashcans and not dropped on the ground. We encourage you to keep cabins clean and free of open food containers as well.

Our goal is to help everyone have a GREAT time at camp! Contact info@communitycamp.org if you have questions that are not answered here.

Currently, CCC only sponsors Mountain Respite Camp. However, we are open to other groups and would like to begin spreading our message and building additional camp communities. We are interested in exploring the possibility of a veteran family camp. Get a hold of us if you are interested in speaking more about additional camp possibilities. 

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